Support through multidisciplinary committees and working groups that collaboratively realise changes aligning with sUsTains vision, networking opportunities, member activities and being updated with the latest improvement on environmental sustainability.

In order to realize our vision and support the opportunities mentioned above, sUstain has created multidisciplinary committees and working groups, which strive to tackle environmental sustainable related problems at the UT in which students and other parties are involved. Furthermore, sUstain attempt to organise events where  people can network (Lunches, dinners or interesting talks). By means of these events and member activities, like minded people can inspire and add on each others knowledge further accelerating the awareness. Lastly, to keep people informed, regular updates on environemntal sustainability will be shared through our social media accounts, WhatsApp and face-to-face. 

There is a small contribution fee of €10 a year. With this money, sUsTain will be able to fund the working groups, potlucks, and other events.